Realty World Neighbors hosts Artist Reception and Welcomes Richard Navarro!

The most recent addition to our office is agent Richard Navarro! Please join us as we host his “Coming Out” party along with an artist reception in support of Mt. Eden High School students. We hope you’ll join us!April 18th Artist Reception

Play Ball!

If you are a baseball fan, you are in luck:  it is time to play ball!  Within minutes of us here in Hayward, you can see professional baseball played by arguably two of the best teams in baseball.  I love baseball…almost as much as I love football.  So, occasionally I will hop on BART for the 12 minute ride or brave the freeway to go to an Oakland A’s game.  I really don’t know why people gripe about the A’s park…for baseball, it works just fine and remains affordable for those of us who still have to buy our own tickets rather than getting them from a corporate sponsor.  We can actually see the field lights from our house here in downtown Hayward…and see the fireworks on nights that feature them after the game.  Very cool.

The “other” team across the Bay is pretty good, too (LOL).  It is a bit more of a trip (32 minutes on BART, plus walk/bus/train time to the stadium), but you can’t beat AT&T Park for a great time…great food, great people watching and oh yeah, great baseball.  So, ‘BATTER UP” let’s get this show on the road and get the hot dogs ready!

For a free magnet that features both the A’s and Giant’s full regular schedule, give us a call here at Realty World Neighbors and we will drop one in the mail to you….or better yet, stop by our office for a visit and we will give you one!


Welcome Lucy Muir (Gallegos)!

Welcome Lucy Muir (Gallegos)!

Realty World Neighbors, The May & Jones Group, is excited to announce the addition of Lucy Muir (Gallegos) to our brokerage.  Lucy Muir (Gallegos) is an experienced agent who joined our brokerage this month. She is fluent in Spanish and can provide stellar service to our diverse community, where she both lives and works.  Lucy is shown here at the reception held in her honor as a welcome addition to our company. Stop by and visit her when you’re in the neighborhood!

Lucy Muir (Gallegos) can be reached by phone at 510-881-1234 or by emailing


CLICK HERE for more information about her.IMG_1192[1]

Lucy Muir (Gallegos) shown here in our Conference Room

Storybook Home Wedding Reception

storybook wedding

Wow, this was a heck of a party! Allison and Michael got married and celebrated their reception at our home. The space was TRANSFORMED. I couldn’t believe it was the same house! CLICK HERE for more photos of this incredibly heart-warming event. Might you have ideas on how versatile YOUR home can be?

Attention Sellers! Homer Buyers on the Prowl

San Mateo-Hayward Bridge crossing San Francisc...
San Mateo-Hayward Bridge crossing San Francisco Bay, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our Buyer Clients are anxious to find the following:

1. Nurse seeks “urban living” condo or townhouse under $400,000 in the Hayward, San Leandro, San Lorenzo or Oakland areas.

2. Veteran of the United States Navy and his wife seek a single family home under $500,000 with enough space for entertaining.

3. World traveler seeks a single family ranch-style home near the San Mateo – Hayward bridge around the 880/92 interchange. Must have a 2-car garage with enough space for recreational vehicles.


1. First-time Buyer Clients and new parents of a 9.2 lb. baby boy born earlier this week will be closing escrow on their new home tomorrow.

2. First-time Buyer Clients in contract on a home with 3% credit from seller for closing costs. (Yes, this does still happen!)

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Historic Neighborhood in Downtown Hayward


Think “zen” when you approach this home in the historic Prospect Hill neighborhood of downtown Hayward! With a very active neighborhood association, this oasis is only a few blocks from the downtown Cinemark theatre, farmers market, post office, city hall, BART, restaurants, shopping, coffee shops, etc. Only a few extra blocks away are the Japanese gardens and the Senior Center.

A glass-walled living room looks onto a koi pond in the back yard. Bamboo floors and rich Philippine mahogany complete the scene in the living area. The kitchen is inspired by the best 5-star restaurant kitchens in San Francisco. To add nostalgia to the scene, the bathrooms are decorated in hot retro tones. The overall scene will be appreciated by the most artistic and eclectic folks in the bay area who work hard, play hard and rest with equal fervor.

This home will be available by March 31st. Stay tuned for Open House dates!

(Of upcoming interest: 20th Annual Asian Heritage Festival on May 19th!)

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VA Buyers’ Challenge


In this market, where multiple offers and cash buyers are the norm, our VA buyers are getting left behind.  It is unfortunate that some of the very benefits of a VA loan are hindrances to making the purchase work, particularly when sellers have their pick of buyers.  Any creative ideas out there?  Any sellers that believe in recognizing our veterans for the service and deciding to work with a veteran buyer rather focusing purely on profit?

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Where Have All the Houses Gone?

It is a tough market for buyers…who would have thought.  We are seeing 10-20 offers on every property listing, almost always over asking price and often cash buyers.  Hang in there buyers, there is just the house out there for you, but be patient.

Being Sensitive to a Real Estate Client’s Loss

Last year a majority of our client relations were a result of the loss of a loved one in the client’s family. These situations require a great deal of sensitivity and compassion for the family members often left with a plethora of confusing documents, bank accounts, debt, tax and property issues to handle. Adding to the stress of losing a loved one, there can be strained instances of sibling rivalry and hurdles to navigate that wouldn’t exist if there were no money or assets involved.

We’ve run into numerous situations that require care above and beyond the emotions involved with a client’s loss of a loved one in conjunction with the gain of property and other assets. We’ve had tenants of inherited property get sticky with moving out and mention of security deposits without proof of existence, we’ve had a church and a monastery on title that nobody knew about, we’ve had clients’ emotional ties to their childhood home that slowed down the will or desire to sell a property and we’ve had a short sale property that was left to a friend of the deceased to sell. The list goes on and on…

We’ve also witnessed the love between family members who trust their siblings to make the right decision on behalf of the estate. The family members work together to help choose a new owner of their childhood home. In these cases, it is usually a family with children that the heirs prefer selling the home to due to the warm memories of their own childhoods growing up in the home. Though important, money is often not the primary motivating factor in cases like these.

Being patient with what a client is experiencing is only part of the job and is often the most important part. It is very rewarding to be able to help people navigate through a difficult time in life.  I know what it’s like to lose someone suddenly. My father was hit head-on in a car collision in 2000 and I will never forget the kindness people showed to me in the aftermath of that incident. Although there was no real estate property left to me or my siblings, the experience of loss has helped me with my job today.

On the lighter side, my mother who is still alive and kicking said she’d leave me everything when she departs from this life. She jokes that all she has to leave behind is a sense of humor and a big heart — and that is all I need…

Lease Tenant Found for Massage Therapy Business!


Our very own Greg Jones in partnership with Gary Wimp of Saratoga Properties has found yet another new  business to open downtown!

Eva the owner is who I visited when I went in for my first massage. The place is clean and quiet and I was thoroughly relaxed when I left.

Call them for an appointment! 510-581-8899.

No funny business, please! Professional massage only.