Who was in our house last year?

Piglet & Rufus the Dufus. YIKES! Add one more home improvement project to the 2016 list: Get those kitchen cabinets re-done! Photo by Katie Q., presumably dangling a treat over their noses.



Last year was relatively benign. Unlike past years, we didn’t have a series of major projects to be completed around the house, and we only had one big event and a few small ones at home, including football game get-togethers and game nights. The only major 2015 drama was the Seahawks losing the Super Bowl which resulted in Greg laying awake staring at the ceiling all night long — I could actually hear his eyes blinking as I tried to get some zzzz’s. Other than that, drama didn’t include my mother this time but instead, it was Piglet snagging cheese off the counter and licking the home-made mashed potatoes during our family Christmas gathering.

We did have a major bathroom remodel completed by our wonderful general contractor neighbor who lived across the street from us. Eric and his wife subsequently listed and sold their home through us and moved across the bay to be near their family.
Part of the bathroom remodel included our UPS guy who also delivers to our office a few blocks away. He was delivering a toilet and other bathroom stuff for weeks until he finally asked if Greg is the same “Greg Jones” from a few blocks away getting a throne and other bathroom stuff delivered.
We had Elite Catering provide food again for our 5-Year Itch Anniversary Party to celebrate our 5th year tolerating each other. Housecleaners came out to help with the cleaning before the event and I cleaned up my way after the event. Greg, however, isn’t as much of a slob as I am and he cleans the house regularly throughout the year. I get to clean the bathrooms, however. Lucky me.
Our house/dog-sitter took care of our knuckleheads Piglet & Rufus the Dufus while we were away. She’s not taking on new clients. I think perhaps we contributed to wearing her out.
Our neighbors/friends down the street got tired of seeing our overgrown tree outside and sent their tree-trimmer over to take care of it. I hope we remembered to reimburse them. Thanks B & C!
Larry of Sunshine Carpet Cleaning was more of a regular in our home than the housecleaners this year. We like our carpets clean and the only way to get them clean with dogs always slobbering and dragging their butts all over them is to have a pro like Larry and his crew come in. Thanks, Larry! I’ve known Larry and his wife Jeannie since the Rickshaw days when they were customers at my former restaurant.
Musette of Sterling Sites started the process of advising us on what to do with our less-used rooms of our home in order to make them more functional. We are two people who live in a 4-bedroom home and we have way too much space that isn’t used. We mostly use the bedroom and kitchen with the new bathroom being the most often occupied. Gotta love that heated toilet seat!

Greg’s been negotiating for a Cigar Room or some other caveman-ish living space. We ended the year by having Grady’s Chimney Cleaning come out and check out our stack and provide his chimney cleaning service. It’s in great shape and we can light a fire with no problem. Put that in yer pipe and smoke it!

The only unwanted visitors we had were two mice, one of which was in the glue trap THE DAY after Greg left town to visit one of his kids. Lucky me having to deal with that all by myself. Rufus the Dufus found the next mouse but luckily the dopey dog didn’t get stuck in the glue trap too — we caught him first. Later, leave it up to this dopey dog to tangle with an unknown critter outside in the back yard. Poor Piglet is usually the one who alerts us when Rufus is in trouble and he tried, but Greg and I were both busy and didn’t go outside right away. It may have been a raccoon or a cat. Who knows?
Nature surrounds us every day and even though we live downtown, we see deer eating freshly mowed grass, lizards around our house and along the creek bed a few blocks away and ducks swimming in the water outside our office building. I mention nature so our readers don’t think we live in a barn when we admit to having mice. They’re part of nature too but since they don’t help us pay the mortgage, we evict them.
This year, in 2016, I’m looking forward to new challenges to break up the monotony of everyday life. One of the biggest challenges I will have is enticing Greg to finish a couple of projects he started at home, namely, finishing painting the hallway and kitchen ceilings and changing the spotlight bulb over our bronze sculpture in our living room. He insists that he doesn’t have a tall enough ladder for completing these projects, and a painter we did have come in doesn’t like dogs and declined to paint our interior. Phooey!
So, this year, all I want is for the unfinished projects to get done.
That is all.