What Is In A Name…A Rose is a Rose, Right?

Maybe we can ALL learn something here.  What Is In A Name?  Let’s hope we aren’t reading too much into this….





“We don’t know why real estate agents insist on putting their names and faces all over their signs. Isn’t the property or home the REAL reason you’re calling anyway? We get that they want to be personal, but sometimes the familiarity can backfire..like with the following realtors. The inclusion of a name like “Dick Balls” or “Ben Dover” can hardly help your sales. And if you look like Rod Stewart (and your name is Rod) you should probably avoid posting your face on the ad, unless you just want to end up on the Internet (too late!). Anyway, we enjoyed these ridiculous REALTORS we found all over the Web. Check them out and vote for your favorite!”  —-Huffington Post

What is in a name……CLICK for some more humorous photos….

One thought on “What Is In A Name…A Rose is a Rose, Right?”

  1. I’ve been called some things in my day, but gladly “Greg Jones” doesn’t lend itself to much playing on words. Have you known someone with a really funny name? Like “Ima Pigg” or “Linda Hand”? Come on, share….

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