It’s a Dog’s Life

We recently adopted a dog from the local animal shelter.  He’s a real gem.  The vet thinks he is around 9-12 months old, although he acts quite “puppyish” so we are leaning toward the younger end of that range.  The first challenge we had was what to name him.  He is a nearly all white terrier mix, with a few edges of pink and a spotted nose.

He Said:  “We need to find a good name for him, like Blizzard, or Willard (think back to the rat movie).

She Said:  “But he looks like a piglet!  He has big pink ears, pink eyes and sort of sounds like a pig when he grunts.  Let’s name him Piglet!”

He Said:  “Uggh.  That’s no name for a dog!  His name is Willard!”

You guessed it.  We now call him Piglet.  He does really look like a piglet.  That’s not his fault.

He Said: “I call him Willard when we are watching football”.

Whatever his name is, he sure makes our house a home.