Choosing Appliances = Choosing a Mate

1) Make sure the appliance and plug is age-appropriate for the home.

(Make sure your partner is age-appropriate for you! The photo is an example of what happens when a new appliance is purchased for an old home. Our home was built in 1926, so you can only imagine that this new-fangled plug didn’t work in our wall outlet!)

2) Make sure the door opens on the proper side.

(Left or right or straight down the middle, make sure your politics match!)

3) Always make sure that whoever uses the appliances most is the one who has a say in what’s purchased.

(I do the laundry so my say in picking the dryer was needed and my more masculine half likes working in the kitchen (yes, I’m a lucky girl!), so it made sense for him to pick the dishwasher…I only wish I knew he was picking out a dryer that opened on the wrong side!)

4) Flashy house = flashy appliances!

(We bought a stainless steel-front dishwasher because it’s the focal point of the kitchen.)

5) Not beautiful but utilitarian? Make sure the ugly but useful appliances are hidden!

(Our dryer is in the laundry room where the walls are unfinished and nobody sees it. So, we bought an ugly one.)

Any other great ideas on anniversary gifts for your spouse?