Lenders Approaching Us

We just took over as the new owners on July 1st where we have a great retail location in the downtown with a parking lot right outside our door! This may have something to do with why different lenders have inquired about partnering up with us to be their preferred lender while they enjoy regular space in our office.

So we’re thinking that we’d love for our in-office preferred lender to be one that has consistently done a great job for our clients. The best option so far is a multi-lingual team that has also sent us business over the years.

Choices, choices. The stars are aligning nicely for us, providing options for growing our business and drawing attention to the fact that we are indeed a full-service office with property management, real estate sales, land use and entitlements consulting and lending under the same roof! We also have an insurance agent upstairs in the same building with whom we’ve worked to assist our clients. Although each business is separate, they can all be found in one convenient location.

We’ll keep you updated!