“He Said, She Said”: In Hot Water (Not)

"He Said" From the Cave, "She Said" From the Throne

Every once in awhile, I miss the conveniences of a modern home.  We all know that age adds character (to places as well as faces).  One such character flaw in a 1926 model is the plumbing. 

There are a couple of examples of our plumbing “issues”, one of which we will leave for another post.  The subject of THIS post is the scarcity of the availability of hot water in the morning. 

Southport, NC, October 4, 1999 -- Elevating ut...

Today I felt like I was camping.  Ever shaved with cold water, fellow cavemen?  Pleasant, yes?  One would ask themsleves, how, in 2011, could a modern man NOT have hot water available to him?  Easy answer: Being second place in the shower order.

She Said: “All you have to do is take a shorter shower.”

He Said: “Yes, you’re correct. All YOU have to do is take a shorter shower.”

She Said: “Of course I would if there wasn’t enough hot water.”

He Said: “So I should let my beard grow?”

She Said: “Are we playing tit-for-tat here?”

He Said: “No, because you’ll win. How about a tankless hot water heater? Endless supply of hot water!”

She Said: “There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the water heater we have.”

He Said: “True, it’s the human being involved that create the problem. Shall I just go to the gym to take my showers from now on? Besides, the gym has cable TV…”

Note: Do NOT run the dishwasher along with a load of laundry in an old house.