Baby, baby, baby!

Baby, baby, baby!
Baby, baby, baby!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had folks tell me they’re expecting a child and need-a-house-right-away! Schools are a big part of the decision-making process when families are searching for a home.

Having her first baby motivated my sister to move into a larger place, and when this little stinker (pictured) was born last month, the place they’re living in now has further proven to be a good decision. Moving out of the city and into the suburbs is a popular move for many growing families.

Would you rather pay more for a home in a reputable school district or opt to send your children to private schools?

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  1. Ron

    Cute kid! Great post!

  2. Steve

    We definitely considered it when we bought in 2002. Castro Valley schools were better, so we moved there.

  3. Anna May

    Steve, Hayward is going through a renaissance period right now. Just you watch — there are GREAT things happening here with our schools!

  4. Danny Chen

    School, School, School ! Location, Location, Location !

    As a long-term local resident in Hayward, we should strive to upgrade our school district.

    10 years ago, property values in Fremont Mission San Jose (MSJ) were pretty similar to Hayward. How about now ????
    Today, MSJ property value triple, quadruple, even quintuple …..
    It seems “Hayward = Low-income Area” now. Too bad !!

  5. Thank you! It’s true that property in Hayward is VERY affordable compared to other areas. It’s also true that we are making great strides to improve our schools here.

    Last June Hayward passed the school bond measure to upgrade school facilities. The school board is now working on its Goals & Priorities for 2010 which I hope will have tremendrous emphasis on high-achievement, discipline and excellence. (Email me if you’d like me to send you the school board’s latest publicized goal & priorities.)

    I’m going to use a food & restaurant analogy here, since we all love food and need it to survive. Imagine your favorite restaurant. For years it was run by an awesome owner who took great care to focus on the basics of the business: Quality food that was clean and safe, nutritious enough to keep you productive for the rest of the day, and staff on hand to give you great service to keep you coming back for more.

    Then the management changed. The food wasn’t so great any more and the restaurant was dirty. The staff members were not friendly and acted as if you were an imposition on them. So naturally, you tell your friends and family not to go back any more.

    The management of a school or a school district is no different. Quality schools that are clean and safe, an education on basics that will carry us through the rest of our lives, and the teachers and administrators who are there to serve the community by making sure our children are educated.

    Here’s the bottom line: As much as a restaurant can be turned around overnight with the right management, so can a school system with the right leadership.

    Food for thought…

  6. valerie snart

    excellent dilema: great public school or private. fortunately, many do not have to choose.

  7. Tony Aruda, California

    There is no such thing as a good school district.
    There are only good demographics. It’s the parents that make a school district look good. If you don’t believe me take the teachers from a school dist. that look’s good, and put them in a bad districk. I will bet you, a year later there is no improvement.

    Tony Arruda

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